How Covers 4 Others Works:

May 1st – Aug. 1st
Nominate someone you feel is deserving of receiving a free roof.

Aug. 2nd – Aug. 6th
Aspen staff will review the applicants and determine which are eligible.

Aug. 7th – Sept. 6th
Voting is open to the public! Tell everyone you know and help get your nominee a free roof!

Sept. 11th
The winners will be notified and the website will be updated so you know who won.


Aspen will work with the homeowner to get their new roof installed.

Click on a region of the map to see who won!

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Covers 4 Others was established in 2015 with the mission to support the communities we live and work in. We saw a crucial need for roof repairs and wanted to contribute to solving this issue that burdens far too many homeowners and their families.
Each spring, we invite the public to nominate members of their community who they feel deserve a new roof. Past recipients have included military veterans, first responders, those who have experienced hardship, and underinsured homeowners. We select a final group of nominees and then invite the public to vote on the finalists. After voting, evaluations ensue and the final recipients are selected. Once installation begins, we invite the homeowners and their neighbors to revel in an installation celebration.
Each Covers 4 Others recipient is awarded a 100% free roof. We are fortunate to have national and local sponsors contribute to funding Covers 4 Others each year. Some of our past sponsors have included ABC Supply Co, Inc., Boulevard Brewing Co., Owens Corning, and Tamko Building Products. The materials donated by roofing manufacturers are used on each Covers 4 Others recipient’s home, and other donated materials support our team in getting the job done quickly and efficiently.
Anyone may submit a nomination. There are no restrictions on eligibility.
Self-nominations are accepted, but we encourage you to stay true to the mission of our program and nominate a deserving member of your community.
Go to and follow the step-by step directions.
Nominees must own a single dwelling home in the United States.
Nomination submission begins May 1, 2017. The deadline to submit a nomination is August 1, 2017.
Anyone may vote. There are no restrictions on eligibility.
There is no limit to how many times you may vote. To ensure the best voting turnout, it’s a great idea to invite the nominee, your community members, friends and family to vote, too!
Vote submission begins on August 7, 2017. The deadline to vote is September 6, 2017.
Recipients will be announced on on September 11, 2017. Aspen Contracting will issue a press release in your community, announcing the winner. Our website will be updated throughout the process, and you can also keep up with Covers 4 Others via our social media outlets. Follow us on Twitter at @AspenCont, like us on Facebook at @roofsbyaspen and follow us on Instragram at @roofsbyaspen. You’ll know it’s us when you see the Aspen leaf.
We appreciate your interest in sponsorship. Our sponsors allow us to give as much as we can to each Covers 4 Others recipient and the community they call home. Please email and mention ‘Covers 4 Others Sponsorship Opportunity’ in your subject line.

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Giving back is one of our core values at Aspen Contracting, which is why we have a program that supports the communities that we live and work in. This program, called Covers 4 Others, allows you to help provide a free roof to someone in your community. There are many folks in our communities who would benefit from an act of kindness.  These individuals have either served our country, our neighborhoods, our children in need, our seniors or someone who has experienced a hardship. 

Do you know a military veteran, first responder, an uninsured or under insured person in your area or someone that has experienced a hardship that you would like to nominate to receive a complimentary roof or roof repair? If so, then please take a few moments and fill out our nomination form. In addition to the nominating process, we want the public to choose the winners so we hope that you will get involved and vote…help us help a deserving family.


Thanks to our sponsors for making this happen.